Radwood 2: The Old School Car Show Returns!

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Radwood 2 is coming, so grab your ripped jeans, spray your Aqua Net, and slip on a pair of Ray-Bans, because it’s time to go rolling in your five-point-oh.

In late 2016 a rag tag group of podcasters had a conversation during Monterey Car Week. From that humble exhange, an idea was born. They wanted an event that represented their favorite automotive era. That idea quickly grew into the first ever Radwood. The event featured only cars from 1980-1999 and overlapping models with period correct modifications. The result was a blend of passionate car owners representing the large spectrum of 80’s and 90’s automotive goodness. Radwood 2 promises to be an even larger affair.

Radwood 2 flyer

Like a Renaissance Faire that is merely good, Radwood expects you in period dress. So if you have some hypercolor, acid wash, baggies, flannel, neon, or plaid in the closet, then it’s time to dig it out. Express yourself. If you have some parachute pants, you can always claim you found them on eBay.

Radwood 2 will be in Anaheim, California on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 at the Phoenix Club. It’s running alongside the first weekend of the LA Auto Show so there will be plenty of people stopping by.

Festivities will roll on until 5 pm. Cost is $25 per car and $10 per spectator, but no charge for children aged 12 and under. There will be period-correct entertainment and coffee, juice, and donuts supplied.

If you have something special to show, then you can also become Radwood Royalty for $50 per car and receive an event T-Shirt and special display parking.

If you’re anywhere near the Los Angeles Metropolitan area at the beginning of December, Radwood 2 promises to be a treat. We’re looking forward to seeing some cool Mustangs mixed up in the 80’s and 90’s goodness, including Matt Farrah’s Fox Body.

You can register for the event at Radwood.co.

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