Youtuber Turns 2010 Mustang GT Into a Savage Vortech Beast

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Paxton-blown behemoth has a beautiful blow-off valve ‘hiss’ to die for.

The video above comes to us from the ThatGuyMarin YouTube channel and it features host Nico Marin doing some data-logging with his Ford Mustang GT. The car had a big Paxton supercharger installed prior to this video, so he has to send some logs with the base tune to his tuner for tweaks that will lead to more power and safer power.

However, as we see in the video, this process requires him to drive the car around at low engine speeds, staying out of the boost and doing lots of idling. It is not a particularly exciting process, forcing owners of freshly-supercharged cars from tearing up the streets right away, but without this process, he may not be getting the most from his engine.

Paxton Mustang Engine Bay

The video begins with Marin explaining that he recently had a big Paxton supercharger installed in his Ford Mustang GT. It is running on a base tune and for the data-logging process, he has to follow strict instructions that include no boost and no wide-open-throttle. He has to idle the car for a few minutes, then hold engine speeds at set levels for a few minutes, then he finally gets to hit the street.

Mustang Data-Logging Setup

Unfortunately, the on-street action is reserved to gentle, no-boost pulls in third gear from 25 miles-per-hour up to 5,000 rpm while the laptop on the passenger seat records all of the key information for the tuner.

Roaring Pony

While Marin isn’t allowed to really push his Mustang GT at all while data-logging, we can still hear the roar of the exhaust and the hiss of the blow-off valve when he lifts from higher engine speeds. Even without big boost, the car sounds pretty great as he drives around town and on the pull from 25 mph to 5,000 rpm, we get just a piece of what the blown Ford pony car will sound like when the driver is allowed to let it stretch its legs.

Mustang Driver's View

After recording the information, he takes the Mustang for a drive to Steak N’ Shake where he gets a burger that he eats with his dog while sending the information from the logging session to his tuner.

Again, we don’t get to see much action, but this process has to be completed to get the most from the supercharged engine build and when Marin gets the updated tunes from his guy, we can bet that this Mustang is really going to scream.

Marin's Mustang

In the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy this walk-through of the data-logging process.

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