Captain America’s Mustang is Dripping with Freedom at L.A. Comic Con

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Captain America's 2007 Mustang GT

Of course Marvel’s First Avenger would have a 380-horsepower 2007 Mustang GT. He’s a true patriot, after all.

While exploring the usual bizzaro world of the annual Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con last month, we came across something truly awe-inspiring. After wading through all the Harley Quinn clones and dime-a-dozen Venom costumes at the L.A. Convention Center, there stood a stalwart gentleman dressed in the most character-accurate Steve Rodgers garb we’ve seen in a long time.

But he wasn’t alone. Next to him was an even sharper-looking Mustang GT convertible that would even make Uncle Sam shed a tear.

Captain America's 2007 Mustang GT

Captain America Bruiser Stang

Simply known as “Cap,” his All-American ride is a naturally-aspirated street bruiser that gets a good 380 horsepower to wheels. Speaking of that, they are 18-inch, staggered American Muscle Bullitt wheels with drilled and slotted rotors.

The interior is also spectacular-looking. It has immaculate Aberdeen leather seats in Medium Parchment color with black accents and a Captain America signature on the glove compartment for the final touch. It’s also got an aluminum-finished TCI ratchet shifter to match the silver dash trim.

Captain America's 2007 Mustang GT

Since it is a GT Premium, it comes with the hi-resolution 6.5-inch touchscreen with GPS navigation, as well as a Shaker 500 audio system with a six-disc CD player.

Captain America's 2007 Mustang GT

Cap mentioned it’s got a Bama Performance Tune, but other than that, it’s all naturally-aspirated from the intake to the exhaust manifold. “I make real horsepower,” said Cap. “No fake horses around here.” While we don’t necessarily agree that all-motor horsepower is the end-all-be-all, we can’t argue with Cap’s devotion to genuine, bonafide American power.

Though we unfortunately couldn’t get a unobstructed shot of the backend, Cap filled us in on the exhaust setup on this freedom Stang. It’s rocking the Street Legal Performance Loudmouth axle backs. We were totally itching to hear this pony roar, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to fire this thing up in the convention center for obvious reasons. Still, it is a beauty to behold.

Keep fighting the good fight, Cap. Ford all the way!

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