NMRA Coyote Stock Driver Wheelies on the Bumper Through Second Gear

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The NMRA Coyote Stock class is one of the most exciting classes in all of drag racing because it not only offers some of the closest racing you’ll ever see, but also the use of sealed Ford Racing Coyote engines makes it both fun and affordable for racing hopefuls.

Who are we kidding? The real reason it’s so awesome is because of drivers like Drew Lyons who put his Coyote-powered Mustang on the bumper and then power-shifted to second with the plastic still scraping. If that’s not wicked, I don’t know what is.

Seriously, turn up your speakers and listen to that Coyote sing with its wheels in the air, and the throttle mashed to the floor.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up three different takes on the same insane wheelie: the real deal, a slow-mo version and some on-car GoPro footage. Enjoy!

For more info on the Coyote Stock class, visit the NMRA.

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Now watch it in SLOW-MO!

Annnnd let’s watch on-board now!

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