Mustang Spins Out Before Setting Seven-Second Run

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Is this really the world’s first 7-second S550?

It must be an incredible feeling to be the first person to ever do something. The folks at Rarefab built this incredibly quick S550 Mustang with the intention of breaking into the 7’s for the first time ever, using the factory 6r80 transmission, and now they’ve accomplished their goal. With a seriously built MPR engine, a pair of huge turbochargers dubbed ‘Armageddon’, and a custom one-off tune from magic worker Ken at Palm Beach Dyno, they’re putting down some serious horsepower. That Racing Channel’s YouTube video, above, documents the event.

After a few runs in the low 8 second range, this wild ‘Stang bites back, as the driver loses control with a quick spin off the line. The big white beast scrabbles across the opposite lane and comes to a stop mere inches from the offhand wall. Their dreams of 7-second glory could have been dashed with just a few more milliseconds of throttle input, or a slightly different angle on the steering wheel. It’s a close call that would have many stepping out of the car, calling it a day. This team, after they’d changed their trousers, got back to work with another attempt at the record.

On that last ditch effort pass, the car hooked up right, the front end lifted ever so gently skyward, and then it ripped down the strip quicker than it ever had before. The conditions and mechanicals were in optimal condition, and the nut behind the steering wheel was properly tightened into place. All systems were go, and the rocket made it down the 1000 footer with the target well in sight. When the 7.97 flashed on the boards, the team was ecstatic. Goal accomplished. Here’s the big question, though. What next?

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