Mustang RTR Driven by Vaughn Gittin Jr. Uses 900 HP to Drift Cloverleaves

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St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans don’t get any better than a screaming, sliding Mustang.

For most, St. Patrick’s Day is all about wearing green, drinking green beer, and pretending to be Irish. At least for a day. But while many of us could barely walk straight after partaking in last weekend’s activities, Formula Drift pro driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. was celebrating with some precision driving, as we can see from this awesome video from Ford Performance. And what better vehicle to pull it off in than the same green Mustang RTR Gittin used to drift the entire Nurburgring?

With his lucky four-leaf clover in race suit pocket and 900 raging horsepower at his disposal, Gittin has no problem lighting up the night. And the rear tires on his Mustang, of course. He proceeds to spread that holiday cheer all over the special 4-mile cloverleaf-shaped course. Which, coincidentally, is the perfect shape for drifting.

Ford Mustang RTR

This festive feat also comes with its own glorious soundtrack. With the high-revving Coyote repeatedly pegging the redline, it just adds to the heart-pounding drama. And it sounds especially sweet bouncing off the walls of a requisite underpass. When it’s all over, Gittin sounds pretty stoked about his unique feat, too. “I’m shocked that that just happened,” he says. “What a beautiful place to come let us have some fun.”

Ford Mustang RTR

Sure, this little stunt is obviously just a fun little way to show off. But it’s also a big part of the reason why we love the Blue Oval and the Mustang so much. Ford knows that we Mustang fanatics feed off this kind of stuff, so they’re more than happy to keep doing it. And after all, what’s a good St. Patrick’s Day celebration without at least a few shenanigans? We can’t think of one, either.

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