Killer Mustang Hybrid Design Dazzles at 2018 L.A. Auto Show

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Mustang Hybrid Design Study

Anhui Annie Jeong’s concept uses styling from the 427 Cobra to make a stunning, Blade Runner-like pony.

The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show is the place to be to see all of the coolest Mustangs around, from new and upcoming models, to even a few nods to the past. Whatever The Mustang Source comes across, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

Los Angeles is also one of the global centers for automotive design; it is a city built for the automobile, after all. Every year, seniors at the ArtCenter College of Design present their best takes on what the future of motoring will bring. We just happened upon one we’d like to share with you.

Mustang Hybrid Design Study

This Stang model was designed by Anhui Annie Jeong during her fifth term at ArtCenter, and it’s definitely one forward-looking pony. The gray color of the study shows off every detail of Jeong’s work; color us impressed.

Though Jeong pulled styling influences from the likes of the 427 Cobra and a couple of classic early first-gen Mustangs, the result is a Mustang completely divorced from the retro-mod horses of the turn of the millennium and the New Tens. Additionally, the Mustang study imagines its power would be a hybrid powertrain, such as the one already in the works from Ford.

Mustang Hybrid Design Study

Of course, the classic cues are still there, like the three-slot taillamps, long hood and short deck, and, of course, a mustang free from its corral. Will we see something like this Mustang on the road in the next decade or so? Only time will tell.

All we can say is that Ford should really consider hiring Jeong. Her creativity is definitely going to go far and wide in the industry.

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