Mustang Heats up New ‘Need for Speed’ Movie Trailer

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Need for Speed Mustang
If the latest trailer for the “Need for Speed” movie is any indication of the shots we’ll get of the  custom Ford Mustang that’ll be featured in the new movie, then we’re all in.

We first reported about the Mustang’s role in the high-powered action film a few months ago in a report. But the latest trailer showcased on the final episode of the TV show, Breaking Bad (great closer), revs us up even more for the DreamWorks’ 2014 movie.

The custom Mustang, featured in “Need for Speed,” which stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, has been designed with a custom widebody, 22-inch alloy wheels and a supercharged Coyote motor.

Yeah, yeah, yeah—we’ve heard all the talk about the car not really being capable of pulling off the wild performance feats as initially reported.  But neither is the Batmobile and you don’t see people ganging up on that one.

As die-hard Mustang fans, we prefer just reveling in the moment anytime the Ford pony car gets to play superhero on the big screen.

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