Fox Body Duo Shows LS Fest How to Do Drifting Right

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Fox Body Mustang at LS Fest.

They may have the wrong engine but everything else is perfect. 

It may not have been on your radar but another LS Fest has come and gone. The event is, by definition, a mostly GM affair but the event’s website says that it’s open to “any vehicle powered by GM’s incredible LS (or current generation LT) V8 engine.” So, there was a Mustang presence there. Mustangs with the wrong motor, maybe. But after seeing cars like this rip sweet, smoky burnouts, can you really be that mad?

YouTube personality Cleetus McFarland took over the Side Show pit at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Friday, May 3-4. The big event, “Cleetus & Cars,” let any LS Fest participant rip the gnarliest burnouts they could. At the end of each day, a champion was crowned and got to walk away with a nice, fat $2,500 check for their troubles.

Fox Body Mustang at LS Fest.

We all know that a good, built Fox Body can be a burnout machine, but these two ‘Stangs stood out head and shoulders above the rest in the pit. Like an oasis in a desert of GM products, these LS-powered ‘Stangs showed everybody how it’s done on day one.

Mustangs Put on a Clinic 

The first car, a pre-’87 notchback Fox Body was painted a wild mint green – and accented by chunks of burned rubber around the rear wheel wells. This thing absolutely annihilated its rear tires, going for what seemed to be an eternity.

Fox Body Mustang at LS Fest.

Then, a gray post-facelift ‘notch coated the asphalt in rubber. They may not have won the day (a GTO with a rear wing was a big fan favorite), but seeing the light, agile Fox Body Mustangs with insane amounts of power tear it up out there showed the crowd that there is more to performance than a Chevy bowtie.

Would we have liked it if there were fire-breathing 5.0-liters under the hoods of these drift ‘Stangs? Of course. But it takes a lot of guts to go into the heart of GM country and show people how it’s done.

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