Mustang GT/Plymouth Mashup Is Just Plain Awful

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1950 Plymouth/SN95 Mustang GT match-up.

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. That being said, this thing’s rightful place is in the scrapyard.

You don’t hear Ford and Plymouth mentioned in the same breath much anymore. Back in the ’30s and ’40s, Mopar’s entry-level brand was constantly battling Ford for the number two sales spot. In the ’60s, the Barracuda was released two weeks before the Mustang – then spent the next decade trying in vain to keep up with it. After that, Plymouth ceased to be much of a threat to Ford. Well, until this unholy matchup came along. Originally spotted by The Drive on Facebook Marketplace, this thing almost puts us at a loss for words. Almost. Could this car be Plymouth’s revenge on Ford from beyond the grave?

This car – or parts of it – began life as a 1950 Plymouth. At some point, it swallowed an SN95 Mustang GT whole. It’s like the classic 1950s horror classic The Blob. Or the ’90s thriller Anaconda. Either way, this ’50s-’90s match-up, like the most shocking parts from those movies, is deeply disturbing but impossible to look away from. And it’s going to be seared into your brain for a long time.

Honestly, the build quality looks surprisingly consistent here. But then again, that’s the nicest thing we have to say about it. Inside and out, the Plymouth smothers the Mustang. The commitment to this look is pretty extreme, with the builder electing to keep the Plymouth’s dash cap and upper door cards as well as the Mustang’s. Below the midcentury Plymouth’s fixtures, the Mustang looks stock, right down to the two-tone tan/black interior and 4-speed AODE shifter. Too bad you have about eight inches of extra sheet metal obstructing your forward view. Seriously, compared to this, the current Camaro’s cockpit seems downright airy.

Outside, the deep red paint looks fine; it wouldn’t look out of place on an SN95 or a ’90s-era street rod. But like all good horror, this car takes something ordinary and twists it just enough to become terrifying. And while the black bumpers (it looks like a Plymouth rear and a Ford front) match, the look makes us wonder if that bad visibility led to one too many fender-benders and a cheap aftermarket front cover.

We don’t like tearing apart someone else’s build. For all we know, this car is the builder’s idea of perfection. Plus, oddball cars help make the world a better place. But even with a $5,500 asking price, this seems like a car for a very niche market. We hope that this unfortunate SN95 finds a new, loving home. But please, don’t let it out in the daytime.

Photos by Jim Coon Sr.

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