How Soon Is It Safe To "Get On" a New GT?

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How Soon Is It Safe To "Get On" a New GT?

Just got a 2017 GT wPP today, and though my wife and I very careful drivers, we DID by a Mustang, not a Civic.

So we are driving very conservatively right now and just wondered when it is safe to give this "a little gas"....and see how it feels.

Thanks much

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Soon as the papers are signed and you pull out of the dealership.
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I waited 500 miles till I started getting on it!
But many people drop the hammer right away!
But I'm old school!
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On the test drive!

I assume everyone else did
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As soon as the car is in normal temp range, and there's good oil pressure...

Punch it, Margaret!

These cars are pretty well engineered to just... go. Right out of the box. Worry not.

Besides, it's under warranty, so if ya break it, it's their fault, right?

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Break it in the same way you are going to use it.

Dont beat on it, but I make sure to get the RPMs in the upper range every so often. Engines that are babied too much on break in tend to be oil eaters. A friend of mine that used to build engines Late Model dirt track cars said that it was due to the piston rings not setting right if the RPMs never got high. Not sure how true that is, I never knew how good the motor he built were
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Originally Posted by SplitSecond View Post
Break it in the same way you are going to use it.
Same philosophy I've always heard and gone by. Last 3 new Mustangs I've bought I got on them pretty hard soon as I got them, 08 GT/CS, 08 Shelby GT and 11 GT500. Had to travel about 100 miles to get the GT500 and I stood on it much as I could during the test drive around town. And on the way home after writing the check for it, bounced it off the limiter in 1st, 2nd and 3rd getting on the interstate back toward the house.
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Like Splitsecond says! Break it in like ya use it. I did over a hundred MPH getting on the freeway right after I bought mine!
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Give 'er

My dealer told me there wasn't really a break in period on these cars. He said, drive it where you like, how you like. Besides, if you stand on it right away and something pukes, that's a good thing. It's under warranty and would have broken eventually anyway. If you disabled the traction control (hold the button for 11 seconds to completely disable the stability system) and did crazy burnouts till the tires blew, that would show up on the "black box" and unless you have a sympathetic dealer may void the warranty. Otherwise, hoofing it till you smile and your passenger wets themselves shouldn't be a problem.
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I have friends that have purchased new Mustangs and taken them to the drag strip the first weekend they owned them with no problems.
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I've dropped the clutch on it before it had 100 miles. Hope that helps!
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