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2013 GT500 Dyno testing with C&L CAI and NEW C&L Custom Tuning


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2013 GT500 Dyno testing with C&L CAI and NEW C&L Custom Tuning

Weíve dyno tested a 2013 GT500 on a Dynojet 224x dyno this weekend and made some great results, in spite of the 103 degree day here in the south. We wanted to make the most repeatable dyno results for REAL world testing so we started with the car in stock trim, 290 miles on the clock, and did three back to back pulls without turning it off. This way we could simulate what real world conditions are driving down the road, from stop light to stop light or hot lapping it at the drag strip. We found that taking the car any high then 6750 makes nothing, the power is falling off by then. As expected, power drops off after multiple pulls, and it became obvious that the best comparisons were to be made between the first two dyno pulls in each configuration.

Run 1 Stock pull = 560rwhp/575rwtq
Run 2 Stock pull = 553rwhp/569rwtq

As the car warmed up after every subsequent pull the reduction in horsepower was very noticeable, but there again we did this to simulate REAL world conditions and what would happen. We NEVER iced the intake/blower, ran race fuel OR run lightweight race wheels to increase the numbers. We know that we may have not made the highest horsepower number possible but this is why we did baselines to show the difference in horsepower between stock, the C&L cai, and finally with custom tuning. We know that on a 65 degree day those numbers would be anywhere 20+ more and this is why we did comparisons of on back to back runs in each configuration.

Now the next thing we did was install the C&L cold air intake with shield, no tuning required or used at this point. The gains were right in line with the previous (2010-2012) model GT500ís, just much higher numbers overall, thanks to the increased displacement, TVS blower, and 14 psi of boost. Additionally the loss from the heat of back to back pulls was reduced.

Run 5 with C&L (NO Tuning) = 579rwhp/597rwtq
Run 6 with C&L (NO Tuning) = 576rwhp/589rwtq

We saw peak gains of 23hp and 20tq and gains of 30hp and 27 ft/lbs of torque at different points on the graph with only the C&L air intake and no tuning. We also compared air/fuel ratios and found it nearly identical at nearly all points across the graph.

We reviewed the conditions with the SCT datalogger and found that the second pull from each set of runs would be the most comparable considering engine temps, downstream IAT temps and spark levels. Run 2 and Run 6 in this configuration

2500 = 12hp/27tq
3000 = 13hp/24tq
3500 = 11hp/26tq
4000 = 17hp/22tq
4500 = 20hp/24tq
5000 = 19hp/20tq
5500 = 29hp/27tq
6000 = 27hp/22tq
6500 = 30hp/19tq
6750 = 20hp/16tq

Finally we installed and tuned the car with a new C&L custom tune developed in conjunction with Cody from www.Stanghi.com and our NEW in-house custom tuner Doug Studdard(Me!). This not only increased the horsepower and torque on the car, but also improved the overall drivability. We didnít overpower the car with the throttle as our tune is designed for smooth power delivery and increased torque down low. We ran the car with various tune settings, and got the air/fuel ratio optimized and the spark exactly where it did not knock and made the best power, using 93 octane fuel.

Run 10 with C&L and custom tuning = 599rwhp/608rwtq
Run 11 with C&L and custom tuning = 601rwhp/607rwtq
Run 12 with C&L and custom tuning = 594rwhp/605rwtq

These runs were done with a brief five minutes or so between them to allow adjustment of the tunes and loading them into the car. We ended up with run ten being our final tune as the Air/Fuel and spark levels were perfect. Adding more timing was determined to not be beneficial.

As shown the peak gain of 46 hp and 49 Tq were great, gains in other points through out the pulls overshadowed these numbers. Gains of up to 66 HP and 63 ft/lbs of Torque!!

2500 rpm = 25hp/54tq
3000 rpm = 31hp/55tq
3500 rpm = 35hp/55tq
4000 rpm = 31hp/40tq
4500 rpm = 37hp/44tq
5000 rpm = 54hp/27tq
5500 rpm = 66hp/63tq
6000 rpm = 50hp/42tq
6500 rpm = 52hp/42tq
6750 rpm = 44hp/34tq

The intake fit very well and the shield is different from that of the earlier modelís due to the increased size of the intercooler coolant volume and newly associated plumbing. We had a video camera on hand and created a video from this test session on youtube..


Our quality is second to none, from our CNC machined cast aluminum housings that have been one of the best performers over the last six years, to our custom designed air filter and surrounding shroud assembly. Our parts fit well and have a factory look on the GT500. They are manufactured in the USA, and each one is hand prepared and inspected before it ships.

There may be cheaper CAIís available but there are also cheaper Mustangs. You bought your GT500 for the quality and power, not for bargain basement intakes made from low quality materials and/or just donít fit. Don't be swayed by large false claims and cheap prices. Buy what you know works, makes power, and looks like it should on a GT500.

Just let us know how we can help you with your GT500 or any other fuel injected late model Mustang. We have air intakes that fit most models and we now are providing custom tuning for vehicles from 1996 to present.

Ask any questions you may have, we are here to help!

Thanks!! Doug Studdard
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very nice! thanks for all the info guys!
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Well it is about time that C and L has employed the best tuner in the USA. Congrats Doug! Those look like good numbers!
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That's pretty awesome that Cody is getting some big recognition also. Congrats guys.
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Awesome stuff guys! Glad to see Doug's name back around the boards
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Excellent work Sir. Most of all though, thank you for having pride and care in what you're doing, which unfortunately is sorely missing in alot of various work environments today.

I don't think I need to tell you to stand tall and hold your head up high about what you've accomplished. All ego aside of course.

Continued success and I wish you nothing but the best.
Sincerely, Bill
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