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Twin-Turbo, Coyote-Powered Lincoln Mark VIII: The Ultimate Sleeper

Old 9/5/14, 05:57 AM
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What Gary said about the old guard / new owners is dead on. I've been saying it for a long time now. Until us mods and or admin are given an updated set of guidelines to follow, it's hard to know what to allow / not allow so you end up reverting back to the way it's always been. Which in my case for example having been a mod for the last eight or so years means I remember this site as one of if not the most family friendly mustang sites on the web; heck there's a well known mustang community member with the username chevykiller which the original owner made him change to chevyslayer if I recall correctly lol. Yes Mark, I remember you and others here may too lol.....

TMS has been my home for almost 10 years and it's an honor to donate so much time for something you love. But members of the site should know that things aren't as black and white as always before and we are doing the best we can.
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Which is why I care so much about this particular issue, guys. TMS has always, in the past, been a (mostly.. that one section..) friendly place to be, with people who care. TMS has in the past run off the bad ones(tm) by the rules employed, so as to keep TMS the family atmosphere we enjoy.

One of the best rules was this rule of 'no street racing condoned here.' Kept the riff raff to other sites, which I believe made this was the classier, better site by far.

Paraphrasing here... "I did not speak up, and the world came to an end." Not that this will make that happen to TMS, but still. Or will it?

I find it sort of interesting that there's not as much call on this one. I feel like I'm the only one standing up about it. Which is fine... and it isn't.

I mean, we can't use a whole bunch of words on this site. The filter will get it. Might as well turn that stupidness off too while we're degrading the site down to the level of the rest of 'em.

I'll get off my soap box now. I've said my piece. It's only because I care that I rise up. Obviously, I'm in the minority and you guys (re:new owners) would rather see this stuff. I'll oblige the wishes.

Thanks. Peace out.

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I'm with ya, houtex. I used to report all the garbage on the homepage. Some of the mods care, but the owners don't give a ****. They just bought it, threw some ads up, and called it a day. I highly doubt the owners know (or care) what happens to this site, as long as they get their ad money.
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I kissed a pickle
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Street racing in particular has been discussed several times among the mods and admin here, it's not that we don't care and we condone it but again it's an issue where sometimes things change or get posted and even some of us go "uh, wth is up with that".... but it's not our site to own, only to help moderate and administrate. And by administrate, that's Scott, Jason, and Pete all of whom have done a great job all things considered. IMO.
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