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Just one more reason I love Fords

Old 7/10/07, 07:54 PM
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Talking Just one more reason I love Fords

First of all I would like to thank Ford designers and builders who made the 2000 F150.

Even though it has been used for hard work and in a dusty enviroment in my dad's work, nothing much is needed except the oil changes and an air filter change.

and thats with a 7 year old vehicle.

My mom's bow-tie Suburban, however, is starting to have many problems. The battery dies too easily, and the cooling system is out of wack. And this car is 3 years old.

The irony, my mom says that Fords are pieces of crap and that they break down easily.

so bowtie lovers, Found On Road Dead is not a true statement.

Long live the Ford Trucks
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Old 7/10/07, 09:40 PM
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you know ive noticed a lot of NEW gms going down the road with headlights and tailights out, and my neighbors 06 chevy 2500 couldent pull the same car out that i did with a 97 f150, just down the road a yound lady found her way off in the ditch, he tried and tried, so i went town and the first try i waled it right up the side and out , he now wants to buy a F250 so..i converted him lol and yet everybody has said, fords are lame yada yada yada, but ive had several hardcore gm and dodge boys tell me that the ol' 97 is a nice lookin ford
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Old 7/10/07, 09:48 PM
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Nice truck. What's under the hood? 5.4L?
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Old 7/10/07, 10:07 PM
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Now if only I could convert my dad! And oh ya, one of his headlights is burnt out on his sierra! (daytime ones)
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Old 7/10/07, 10:12 PM
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Everybody has their issues. A major problem with all cars/trucks these days is that folks don't perform any maintenance on them. Stuff breaks. Bulbs burn out. It happens. My '98 Suburban with 180k runs like a raped ape! It's needed the odd accessory repaired/replaced over the years, but nothing I wouldn't consider routine. I'm anxious to see how the '07 Expedition does...
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Old 7/11/07, 02:16 AM
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1999 F 150 here, new since 99 and never missed a lick. 162,000 miles and driven daily folks!
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Old 7/11/07, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by RobK View Post
...runs like a raped ape!
Now there's an image I don't need rattling around in my head!

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Old 7/11/07, 06:07 AM
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Man I love my truck! 2003 f150 bought new now has 95k on the odometer and nothing has gone wrong. Nothing! I haven't even changed a light bulb yet, and no it's not a highway queen. It's a 4x4 supercab that I take on hunting trips and towed my 24 ft travel trailer with. It's a 5.4, and I run a SCT 91 oct towing tune, a Derale trans cooler w/fan, and a Volant CAI. Gauge pod w/trans and wtr temp, and Mobile1 every 5K.
Do other Ford truck owners have problems? sure. Do some of the "other" brands of trucks run perfect for many miles? sure, but #1 truck for 30 years is hard to argue with.
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Old 7/11/07, 08:30 AM
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yes as my sig said, the truck is a 5.4 L Triton V8 with no tuning whatsoever and it does a great job. I noticed when i visit is that there are no bowtie trucks.
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Old 7/17/07, 10:45 AM
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Yeah, noone takes care of their stuff. Ive got a 1991 Nissan Pickup, with 289k miles on it, and it still runs fantastic. Oil change every 5k miles, tire rotation every other oil change, Ive got 80k on 60k mill tires, the most even tread you've ever seen, and I'm just now looking at getting new tires. Oh yeah, and Ford trucks not only perform better, they look better, especially on the new 2008 Heavy Duty's, I never much liked the old interior, now that its been changed, I love them.
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Old 7/20/07, 10:38 PM
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just one question, is rust in the rims normal, thats the only little problem, and how can i get rid of it
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Old 7/22/07, 07:51 AM
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Theres always going to be bum vehicles of any make. Hell my wife brand new 05 F150 went back to the dealer 7 times (rear-end 4 times, headlights once, leaking rearcab/brakelight, battery stripping all paint off inner fender) for warranty repair and her sport track before that went back 4 times (trans, headlight, seat, Computer/intake gasket/MAf and somethign else all at once). Been pleased with the Escape though had a minor hiccup when one time it just wouldn't turn over but never did it again. I still got to mess with her though .
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