Ford Mustang Raptor Render Is Pure Off-road Awesomeness

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Ford Mustang Raptor

Everyone is ‘Raptoring’ everything these days, and X-Tomi Design’s extreme off-road treatment of the Mustang is pure gold.

It’s no secret that around here, we’re fans of anything and everything Ford. Not just the Mustang. In particular, we love the F-150 Raptor, which is arguably the second most exciting vehicle in Ford’s lineup. And we’re guessing we’ll love the Ranger Raptor (and maybe even Bronco Raptor?) just as much if we actually have the chance to buy one. So while we’re “Raptoring” all the things, why not a Mustang?

Heck, off-roading is hot. And as you already know, Ford has no plans to sell any passenger cars in the U.S. anymore, except the Mustang. They even came up with the Focus Active, which is kind of a SUV crossover version of the compact car. So why not build a Ford Mustang Raptor? Something that is a sleeker, faster, desert running version of the Ford F-150 Raptor? Well, we’re guessing that’s what inspired this rendering created by X-Tomi Design.

Ah heck, who are we kidding? We know that you’re already firing up caps lock now, ready to trash this thing in the comments section. People tend to lose it anytime you even suggest deviating from Ford’s tried and true pony car formula. They got mad when Ford talked about building the S650 on an Explorer chassis. They lost it when Ford announced that their coming EV SUV was going to be based on the Mustang platform.

In our book, however, this alternative Raptor is actually kind of cool. And we can envision ourselves blasting across the sand in one, its Coyote heart belting out delicious exhaust notes. It’ll probably never happen for obvious reasons, but thanks to this cool rendering, one can dream.

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