Ford Flexes Mustang Muscle at the LA Auto Show

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Performance models and some specially built Mustangs proudly wear the Blue Oval at the LA Auto Show.

Ford’s presence at the LA Auto Show is not to be ignored. With new sheet metal to show off, and a few performance versions on hand, you will quickly satisfy the strongest of pony car cravings. Standard fare from a Ford showroom will also see two cars on display: the convertible, GT, and the GT350. Known and loved, the GT gets a power bump in 2018 to 460 horsepower, along with some altered front-end treatments that are shared with the convertible.

Roush also brought out the big guns, showing off the Roush Mustang 729. Debuting at SEMA, the 729 is not all about forward grunt, as they have a thoroughly upgraded suspension capable of 1.03 gs. Grabber Green is a hat tip to the original Boss 429, but the 729 enjoys considerably more power thanks to a Roush “Air Gobbler” supercharger mated to the Coyote 5.0 V8.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. had a vision to combine his love for Mustangs and their performance potential. RTR was birthed from this vision and now Mustang enthusiasts worldwide can buy spec performance packages developed directly from the world of motorsport and drifting. Dealer-installed packages include the latest — like the gorgeous white RTR Mustang on display at the LA Auto Show.

It wouldn’t be complete without some classics to showcase as well. Normally we look back on cars like the Boss 302 and Mach 1 as having been built way back in the “good ole days.” With the Mustang, we think as time goes on, it just keeps getting better.

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