Ford Trademarks Mach E & Mach-E, Likely for Mustang-inspired EV

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Mystery Mustang Front End

Electric pony may be a mid-sized crossover, designed to compete with the Tesla Model X as a daily driver.

When Ford Motor Company first announced that they were working on some sort of electric vehicle that will be inspired by the mighty Mustang, the name “Mach 1” was thrown around. The automotive community was quick to speak out against using the name of a high performance pony car package on an electric crossover, even it if was inspired by the Mustang. Fortunately, the Motor Company was quick to distance themselves from that name, but it seems as though the automaker may have a similar name in mind.

According to Ford Authority, the automaker applied for trademarks back in November for Mach E and Mach-E; both of which would make sense on an all-electric vehicle inspired by the ‘Stang.

Mustang-Inspired EV

We really don’t know much about the all-electric vehicle coming soon from Ford Motor Company, but representatives have made a variety of comments about how it will draw inspiration from the Mustang. It seems that this new EV will be a mid-sized crossover, designed to compete with the Tesla Model X, offering enough all-electric range to allow the vehicle to serve as a daily driver along with exciting driving dynamics.

Mustang Crossover

The electric crossover could have exterior styling borrowed from the Mustang, as we have seen in the few early teasers, but it seems unlikely that Ford would market a Mustang-inspired vehicle of any kind that didn’t offer some fun-to-drive factor. The high performance aspect of the Tesla Model S and Model X play a key role in helping them stand out from the average EV, and it seems likely that Ford will work to make this pony car-inspired EV electrifying for the driver.

Mach E is a Great Name

Let’s imagine for a second that the Mustang-inspired SUV does offer similar high performance driving dynamics to the pony car or, more realistically, the Tesla Model X. It could be very quick in addition to having a sporty shape, so giving it a sporty name would make sense. Calling it the Mach 1 doesn’t make sense since that name has history within the company, but Mach E gives a nod to the classic “Mach” name while going a different direction for a vehicle that takes a very different route to being quick.

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