Fastest EcoBoost-Powered Mustang in the World? (Video)

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Rocking a six-speed manual, this almost-normal-looking Mustang transforms into a drag-strip-slaying beast in no time.

Many fans of the Pony Car might write-off the EcoBoost engine for its inferior cylinder count. But as you know, turbos are the name of the game nowadays. With a variety of ways to squeeze extra horsepower out of a turbocharged engine, they’re quickly becoming tuners’ motors of choice.

EcoBoost Mustang drag car.

Take the Mustang featured in this clip by 1320video. Don’t let its “basic” demeanor fool you; according to the owner, there’s a 600-horsepower “EcoBeast” engine under the hood.

The motor features an upgraded and highly modified turbo setup pumping around 35 psi of boost. In case you’re not up to speed on your turbo lingo, that’s a lot of boost.

The clip begins with the car strapped to the dyno and eventually switches to some drag strip action against several opponents. According to the owner, the dyno run delivered 511 horsepower at the wheels, which he believes equals around 600 before energy loss. While 600 horsepower may not sound like a ton, it’s important to remember this is a four-cylinder engine, and it’s a stripped-out, lightweight Mustang we’re talking about. Any way you look at it, it’s one badass machine.


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As the video states, this is the fastest EcoBoost Mustang with a manual transmission. Some of the race results include several passes in the 11-second range before the world-record was crushed with a 10.96 second run at an insane 129 mph! Now that’s some serious speed!

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