Coyote-Swapped Mustang Chases Down Hit & Run Driver

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YouTuber was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light when an F-150 slammed into him from behind.

We have all had bad days with our cars, but it doesn’t get much worse than an absent-minded driver slamming into your Mustang while you are sitting at a stoplight. That was exactly what happened to YouTuber Johnathan Harder and after the woman smashed up his Coyote-swapped Ford, she tried to flee, but he caught up to her a short distance down the road.

Wrecked Mustang Passenger's Side Close

Damage Report

This video begins with the Johnathan giving us a close-up look at his badly wrecked Ford Mustang GT. We can see right away that the rear fascia is crushed, with the bodywork pushed so far in that the license plate is bent around the car’s rear chassis. The areas where the rear fascia wraps around to the quarter panels are bowed out and the driver’s side quarter panel has buckled from the impact. There are even two squares cut into the rear bumper of the Mustang where parts of the F-150 poked through the pony car’s skin.

Wrecked Mustang Square Rear

Upon further investigation, the owner sees that the trunk lid has been damaged as well, interfering with the portion of the body above the taillights while arching up away from the body on the top of the trunk.

The Mustang owner also points out that the bodywork around driver’s side headlight, but even with the amount of damage out back, it seems unlikely that this rear-end impact damaged the area around the headlights.

Wrecked Mustang Low Passenger Side Rear

Scene of the Accident

After showing us all of the damage to his Mustang, the YouTuber takes us back to the scene of the accident. He explains that he was sitting at a stop light, playing with his newly-installed radio when the F-150 slammed into the rear end. The pony car driver pulled into the gas station just past the light, but the truck driver took off down the road.

Fortunately, the Coyote-swapped Mustang was able to quickly run the truck down and when the driver saw that she was caught, she pulled to the side of the road and waited for police. The woman claimed that she was going to turn around and come back to the scene of the crash, but the Mustang owner doesn’t believe that and we don’t either.

Wrecked Mustang Wide

The woman was cited for the accident, but we don’t know what she was charged with – whether it was for the crash or for leaving the scene of the crash. In any case, the Mustang owner is concerned that his car might be totaled and frankly, we are worried with him, as there appears to be a substantial amount of damage done to this S197.

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