Could this be the New Mach 1 Mustang?

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Now that the 2015 Mustang has finally been unveiled it seems that we’ve become even more obsessed with getting information on the car.

Clearly, for us Mustang fans, being “patient” is not one our strong suits.

Then again, maybe it’s all the other news we’ve been hearing about the s550—like the possibility of Shelby GT350 model and secret tech features—that’s sending us into overdrive.

Either way, the attention is now being turned to the possibility of that new Mach 1 Mustang we reported on a few months ago, after learning that Ford had applied for a new patent for the name.

The folks at the Blue Oval haven’t confirmed that they are actually making a Mach 1… Which could mean they’re hammering out the details as I type this. Top Speed has created its own rendering of what the Mach 1 might look like if Ford does green-light the project.


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