2018 Bullitt Mustang Leaked

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The Rock teases Ford fans with next year’s Bullitt Mustang.

For a movie that’s approaching 50 years old, Bullitt sure has staying power. Even decades after its release, the classic thriller, starring notorious Hollywood car guy Steve McQueen, still has fans of all ages. That’s due mostly to its iconic chase scene featuring a Dark Highland Green ’68 Mustang fastback.

On two occasions, Ford has paid tribute to the Mustang’s big screen performance with limited-edition Bullitt Mustangs, complete with subdued retro trim enhancements and performance upgrades. The first was released in 2001. The second was available for the 2008-2009 model year. According to this recent leak — thanks to none other than wrestling superstar/actor/Ford-fanatic, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — we’re pretty sure there’s going to be a third Bullitt Mustang next year.

2018 Bullitt Mustang

According to the clip above, the leak came in a “behind the scenes” video of The Rock touring Ford facilities while filming a series of commercials. In one part of the video, we see large posters featuring renders of a Dark Highland Green S550 visible in the background. It’s got no spoiler, subtle trim changes, and anthracite-finish, classic-style, five-spoke wheels.

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Sound familiar? That looks like a Bullitt recipe to us, and it seems that most car enthusiasts on the internet agree – including members of our own forum.

Another dead giveaway is the distinctive gas cap that also made its way onto the 2001 and 2008/2009 Bullitts. Another interesting note is the lack of a front fender callout, which would continue the Bullitt’s theme of a subtle, understated trim. Also barely visible is the chrome trim on the rear window, highlighting the BMW-style “Hofmeister kink.” This was a styling feature played up on other Bullitts as well, giving the cars more of a ’60s, retro flavor.

So, is this the new Bullitt Mustang? In the words of our well-shaken Magic 8-Ball: “All signs point to yes.”

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