Breaking Bad Star Satisfies “Need For Speed” Behind Wheel of a Mustang

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Aaron Paul

By TMS Editor

Pulling off those great driving maneuvers we see on the silver screen takes practice -­ even if it is behind the wheel of our beloved Mustang.

Just ask Aaron Paul, star of the upcoming “Need for Speed” movie, which features the actor pulling off a few tricks of his own behind the wheel of that wide-body Shelby GT500 we’ve covered here in previous reports.

A new video posted on YouTube shows Paul learning a few tricks of the trade for the role in a beat-up sedan and a couple late model Mustangs.  Of course, we’ll have to wait until the official March 14, release of “Need for Speed” to catch the Shelby in full action. But based on most of the clips we’ve seen so far, it should be well worth the wait for Mustang fans.


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