BMW Owner Drives Mustang & Falls in Love

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YouTuber is used to 200 horsepower. Watch how he reacts to 450.

We came across this video from YouTuber Jacob R. Doty and it brought something home to us. The latest generation of the Mustang has seen it bloom into a world-class sports car that can take on the Germans at the rear-wheel drive two door game on their own turf.

However, there’s a huge difference in ethos that means there isn’t a lot of cross shopping to be done with BMW sports cars. You either want a sophisticated luxury sports car or something a little more raw and full-blooded. Of course, you may want one of each, and that’s fine. But some BMW owners out there haven’t had a real Mustang experience.

BMW Vs Mustang

Nour Hummadi is a BMW guy. His Twitter and YouTube account‘s are about the Bavarian brand, but when Doty handed him the keys to his modified Mustang 5.0 GT he didn’t hesitate. The modification you’ll notice straight away is the exhaust, but Doty’s Mustang also sits on Eibach dampers and Koni springs.

Hummadi is also used to driving a BMW in the mid to late 200 horsepower range, so the 450 horses from the under the Mustang’s hood instantly put a smile on his face. In fact, it’s almost comical how he leaves the Mustang in third and in the power band because likes the exhaust sound so much.

BMW lover loves Mustang GT

We like Doty’s plan for his Mustang to keep it as a lifetime car. We know life has a habit of changing and there’s a wealth of different Mustangs to own and enjoy, but the attitude of his Mustang growing with him is a sign that the old-school mentality is still alive in a disposable world. Doty did also drive Hummadi’s E90 BMW and, well, the nice way of putting it is that the E90 model BMW is not apples to apples with any Mustang.

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