New Line of Fisher-Price Ford Mustangs, Just in Time for the Holidays


With Santa Claus making his final preparations before his global marathon, all young (and old) Mustang enthusiasts can rejoice in these new awesome creations!

  Comments | By - November 30, 2016

For Sale: Restomod 428-Powered ’68 Fastback!


For those that enjoy driving classic Mustangs more than they enjoy building them, buying a finished restomod is just the ticket.

  Comments | By - November 29, 2016

Fox Body With Grill-Mounted Turbo Finds Its Happy Place


The best place for a turbo, it seems, is right on the snout of a Fox Body. And the best place for this Fox Body is on the drag strip.

  Comments | By - November 28, 2016

Ford Mustang Gets a Rematch With Focus RS


Some say that revenge is sweet, but before revenge is served, a rematch must happen. That’s exactly the case of this Ford Mustang versus Ford Focus RS drag battle.

  Comments | By - November 25, 2016

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust for the Mustang GT350


Borla has developed a cat-back exhaust system to add power, improve fuel economy, and unleash even more of that wicked flat-plane sound.

  Comments | By - November 24, 2016

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