You Won’t Believe How Cheap this 2017 Ford Mustang GT Is

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This is some next-level D.I.Y. stuff. 

Since its inception, the Ford Mustang has always been one of the most affordable ways to get a lot of horsepower without breaking the bank. For example: The current 5.0-liter GT packs a whopping 460 horses and starts at a mere $35,000. But this is 2018, and YouTube car guys thrive on the “cheapest X in America” videos. So today, we’re looking at Goonzquad’s 2017 Mustang GT that really does have a shot at being the cheapest one in America.

Of course, $35,000 is a serious chunk of change for most people. If they want a well-optioned S550 GT, they’re probably going to head to the used car lot or check the Forums for someone looking to get rid of theirs. That’s not what the two brothers who make up Goonzquad did, however. The 20-somethings bought a 2017 GT that had been in a front end collision and ended up with a bargain for the ages.

Goonzquad's $15,000 2017 Ford Mustang GT.

These guys are clearly proud of their new acquisition. It certainly lives up to their “Rebuild. Race. Repeat.” motto. They give the refreshed GT a wash, then take it for a drive in the country. Along the way, they list off everything they did to bring the car back to life. The Cervini hood cost $800. Driver’s, knee, and curtain airbags were needed, and that came to $595. The dealer-bought airbag module cost another $500.

Outside, the right-side headlight cost $400. The bumper, grille, and a replacement foglight cost $400 altogether. They got new front frame rails and a fender for just $150. A radiator support and radiator came to a combined $385. An air conditioning condenser ran them $100, and cooling fans cost $80. Some sweet sponsorship deals from CJ Pony Parts and OP7 helped keep costs down even lower.

Goonzquad's $15,000 2017 Ford Mustang GT.

The two drive their GT to a mountain pass, where they reveal that since they painted the car themselves (in their friend’s paint booth), it cost them just $1,000. They point out the added carbon fiber decklid for $150, then take the car to another scenic overlook for the big reveal.

Other than farming out the frame work, which ran them $1,000, they did everything else themselves, which saved them a fortune. They bought the car from an insurance auction for $11,000 including taxes and fees. Add that all together, and they have a year-old Mustang GT for just over $15,000. That’s one hell of a deal.

Sure, it probably has a salvage title. But that just means that they can drive the hell out of it and not have to worry about anything. And while this car looks great, don’t expect them to be done. In the future, they plan on adding boost – either a supercharger or twin turbo setup. And to be clear they “definitely are not selling this Mustang as of right now.” On top of their popular YouTube channel, the guys are building their garage. So it may take a while, but “there is going to be boost on this Mustang soon.” Between this impressive build and their plans for this ‘Stang, it’s more than enough incentive for us to keep watching Goonzquad for future updates.

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