The “Vicious” Mustang Readies for SEMA

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The idea for Project Vicious is “to build the ultimate road-race Mustang with a street car environment.” Timeless Kustoms owner Chris Marechal wanted it to be “9/10 racecar and 1/10 street car, just to get you by.”¬†Of course, talking about an idea is easy. Actually making an idea work and form into a physical reality is extremely difficult.

Because TK looked at performance first, it meant building a car around that vision. And because that vision meant something that has no blueprint, the project was completely built from the ground up.

It all started with a 1965 Ford Mustang coupe and a Ford Performance Aluminator engine. From there, they plotted a machine that took into consideration serviceability, weight balance, and even ergonomics. The car was sliced down from that coupe form and put back together into a fastback shape, but the rest of the exterior of this thing is need-based to make the package all fit.

A quick listing of performance upgrades include twin Precision Turbo and Engine turbochargers, a Magnuson supercharger, a Magnaflow Exhaust, a MoTeC ECU, an Aeromotive fuel system, a Centerforce DYAD clutch, an EMCO 6-speed sequential transmission, FORGELINE Wheels, a MaxG chassis from Art Morrison, a C7 Corvette front suspsension, and a multi-link independent rear suspension from Art Morrison.

So, yes, it will be fast, and it will be able to handle some corners. Believe that. The full build will debut at this year’s SEMA in Vegas.

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