Texan Pays Tribute to ‘Twister Special’ with his own Mach 1

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Apparently the typical Mustang restoration project wasn’t enough for a guy in Texas who owns a 1970 Mach 1.

Juan Martinez decided he wanted to pay homage to a rare Mach 1 “Twister Special,” which only consisted of 96 units when the model was first built.

The car, covered in a Houston Chronicle report, features a 392 Ford Crate engine, stainless headers, stainless exhaust, a custom aluminum radiator and fan, and a stainless fuel tank.

The restoration project, done by GAP Racing, included rebuilding the gauges and a number of other new trim elements, all intended to pay tribute to the Twister Special, which was made as an exclusive model for Ford dealers in Kansas.

Martinez’s 475 horsepower version, which is equipped with a newly installed 392 Ford Crate engine, even features Twister Special logos stitched into the upholstery and the model’s special Grabber Orange paint job.

The car definitely looks good and probably is a blast to drive. But honestly, we think simply restoring Martinez’s Mach 1 to its own original form would have been better in staying true to his car’s history.

Source [Houston Chronicle]

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