Terminator Cobras with MASSIVE Whipple Superchargers Run Mid-8s

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There’s something special about Terminator Cobras: They’re rare, fast and take well to mods, but it’s more than just their performance capabilities, in fact, they have an undeniable air about them that commands respect. Although the last Terminator might have rolled off the assembly line over a decade ago, one look at used ’03/’04 Cobra prices, and it’s proof that the Terminator has joined the elite group of legendary muscle cars.

But what about the video? You’re surely here for that and not for my senseless banter. Although the title of the video on the YouTube channel states “Whipple and Turbo Cobras,” we can’t see a turbo Cobra … anywhere. Maybe we’re blind; then again, maybe we’re not, but I digress because you don’t need turbos when you’ve got blowers this big.

The Redfire Terminator is fortified with a MASSIVE Whipple atop a motor that is surely built. It feeds power through an automatic transmission and into seriously larger tires. In the trunk you’ll find a water reservoir for the heat exchanger as well as a nitrous bottle. Whether he used it on the pass is still unknown, but it pulls the wheels and rips to an 8.46 at 161 mph.

As for the silver Terminator, well, it’s also got a HUGE Whipple blower and what appears to be an equally menacing setup. We never quite see a full pass, but it still runs an 8.50 @ 123 mph, coasting over the line. I might add, though, that full-out drag Terminators are a bit of a rarity, so it was nice to see some flawlessly clean examples running deep into the single digits.

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