Shelby GT350R With Supercar Price Tag

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Dealer Caught Charging $108,120 for the Shelby GT350R. Is It Supercar Hot?

There’s apparently no shame in how far this Ford dealer will go to make some extra cash.

Sure, markups for hot-selling models like the new Shelby GT350R are pretty common. In fact, we’ve come to expect them. But I think most would probably agree that a $40,000 markup on the $63,245 Mustang variant’s base price is a bit extreme.

They’re seriously asking for a whopping $108,120, including the destination charge. That makes it a nearly 67-percent markup, as highlighted in an AutoWeek report.

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Yet there it is, planted right on the window.

Of course, anyone who’s has had a chance to drive the Shelby GT350R knows that its normal price tag is a real steal. Especially considering the kind of performance you get for the money. But isn’t its great value part of the allure?

Then again, maybe it’s all just a matter of demand. After all, we’ve heard of dealer-markups on rare cars being much higher. Particularly when it comes to some of the more exotic supercars. But it does seem that this dealer might be taking away one of the biggest selling points of the Shelby GT350: amazing high-performance that’s still pretty affordable for the average buyer.

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