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Shelby GT350R With Supercar Price Tag

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Shelby GT350R With Supercar Price Tag

Dealer caught charging $108,120 for the hot Mustang variant.

Read the rest on the Mustang Source homepage. >>
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For that much money I'd get a used Porsche 911 Carrera S.

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Post *****
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There’s apparently no shame in how far this Ford dealer will go to make some extra cash.

Sure, markups for hot-selling models like the new Shelby GT350R are pretty common. In fact, we’ve come to expect them. But I think most would probably agree that a $40,000 markup on the $63,245 Mustang variant’s base price is a bit extreme.

They’re seriously asking for a whopping $108,120, including the destination charge. That makes it a nearly 67-percent markup, as highlighted in an AutoWeek report.

CHECK OUT: What Forum Members Are Saying About This Hefty Price Hike

Yet there it is, planted right on the window.

Of course, anyone who’s has had a chance to drive the Shelby GT350R knows that its normal price tag is a real steal. Especially considering the kind of performance you get for the money. But isn’t its great value part of the allure?

Then again, maybe it’s all just a matter of demand. After all, we’ve heard of dealer-markups on rare cars being much higher. Particularly when it comes to some of the more exotic supercars. But it does seem that this dealer might be taking away one of the biggest selling points of the Shelby GT350: amazing high-performance that’s still pretty affordable for the average buyer.
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It's clearly not a comma so I'd pay the extra $40...
Shelby GT350R With Supercar Price Tag-photo708.jpg
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I tweaked the button...
...and got lucky!
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This again.

It's simple, people. If I had 120 million dollars, I would walk right in, plonk down 100,000 and drive that car like I stole it right back to my mansion. Because it's right here, and I can get it now, instead of later, or farther away.

I don't, so I can't, so that's that.

"But houtex, it's not right they do that! The MSRP is what it's supposed to be worth!"

That is, of course, your opinion. And you may attempt to buy it at MSRP. And they may even actually go ahead and make the sale.

Good luck with that.

There is no reason that you cannot turn it around for that 100,000 to some other person, and so why not just profit directly instead of giving away that 40k? So they do. ADM, or Market Price, or whatever.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean they can't do it, and doesn't mean they *won't* make that money if someone rolling in the dough wants the exclusivity of owning it.

TL;DR: Wah, you poor people. Get over it.

<--- is po'.

/And would talk them down to 75-80K flat, so there's that. I ain't that silly.

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There are different levels of stupid, & the person that buys that car @ that price, will have a level all to themselves.
I wonder if Ford Sales/Marketing ever did a study of how many sales they loose each year because of dealer ADM's ??
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Originally Posted by 1 Alibi 2 View Post
I wonder if Ford Sales/Marketing ever did a study of how many sales they loose each year because of dealer ADM's ??
I think that's a moot point Don. Technically Ford has already sold the car to the dealer so I would think that those units affected by the ADM are already accounted for. The specialty Mustangs like the GT350/GT350R are a fraction of the numbers produced for all Mustangs, and even if there was a way to determine lost sales, I think the number would be insignificant.
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This is one reason why for the consumer at least, the dealer model is broken.

In this day and age I'd rather cut out the middleman.
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Holy smokes!!!! No thanks.
Unless I had an endless supply of cash and it was exactly what I wanted. Then,.....I would. lol
Stupid I know, but why not? I got the cash! lol
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gt350r, wtf

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