Mustang Pelts Truck with Rocks During Burnout

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Mustang GT kicks up a volley of rocks and nearly injures cameraman in this bone-headed move.

If you or another friend ever think it’s a good idea to do some sliding around on gravel, just pay special attention to where you’ll be enjoying and watching the action.

In a video posted by ViralHog, we see an S197 Mustang GT which appears to be having fun on the loose stuff. But the fun times quickly turn dangerous. After sliding around to the other side of a vehicle and completing another donut, flying rocks kicked up by the Mustang’s rear tires break the windows of a truck which is filming the action.

Mustang burnout rocks

Did the driver of the Mustang or the truck know this was going to happen? We aren’t so sure. It could have had innocent intentions, though it seems fair to assume that spraying rocky gravel at another vehicle will do at least some sort of damage. In this case, at the very least, broken windows. We don’t know if anyone inside the car was injured by another rock or the broken glass.

On the contrary, if this was a deliberate act, it makes sense for the recording to have happened in the first place to catch someone in a devious act. Recording stops as soon as the windows break, which could support that theory, but then again, it’s only a theory. But this does provide a good reminder that windscreen glass can take a rock pretty well and not shatter, but side windows are much thinner and can break quite easily.

Mustang burnout rocks

In the end what we can learn from this is that you should avoid being behind a wild Mustang on gravel at all costs. But we want to know what you think. Was it just fun and games, or was someone out to get a little payback?

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