Mustang Camera Car From Need for Speed Up for Grabs on Ebay

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Movie camera cars don’t get any cooler than this Saleen-fortified, supercharged S197 pony.

The unsung heroes of any movie with any sort of car chase, camera cars play a pivotal yet thankless role. They’re typically upgraded in all sorts of ways, making them capable of keeping up with speedy hero cars. And yet, we rarely get the chance to actually see them, let alone own or drive one. But if you’ve got the means, this killer S197 Mustang used to film the 2014 film Need for Speed is up for grabs on eBay.

All of the requisite stuff you’d expect on a camera car is intact. Which means a bunch of custom-built parts designed to hold heavy and expensive filming gear. There are numerous camera mounts here, along with some for gyroscopic cameras. There’s no trunk or passenger side dashboard either, because those spaces were needed for other things.

Need For Speed Mustang

But while the car started life as a regular old 2013 Mustang GT, that is no longer the case. It was sent off to Saleen for a host of modifications that make it capable of keeping up with just about anything. The first, and biggest, is a Saleen supercharger that bumps power up to 625 ponies. Saleen also fitted the Mustang with 3.73 rear gears and their own 14-inch brakes.

Need For Speed Mustang

With only 7,791 miles on the clock, this unique Mustang has plenty of life left in it. Even though it’ll likely wind up the collection of some movie buff somewhere, gathering dust. Regardless, it’s a seriously cool piece of movie history, and one that we’d gladly rip around a track. Even if we aren’t filming anything.

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