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Gov. wants no lottery in Alabama, why?

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Gov. wants no lottery in Alabama, why?

I don't understand this. Every state around the state of Alabama has some form of gambling but yet the people of this state don't want it. What are they afraid of? Do they think the Mob is going to come here? They probably are here already. Do they think it's going to make the poorer poorer. Wake up people, they're going to the states around us and spending their money in those states. These are the kind of things that iritate me. Our state government talks about not having any money to support our schools, we lose teachers or can't get good teachers because the state says they don't have any money. I know my church doesn't believe in gambling but why should we as a state keep letting our money go and fund other states.

Let's take a poll, please keep it to the Alabama people, and let's see if you think the state should legalize gambling. I say yes.

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I tweaked the button...
...and got lucky!
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This same argument applies Texas regarding casinos. They allow horse/dog racing, but for a while it was local only. It's only relatively recently that you can bet outside the state on these races. Reason was, of course, where does the money go... until they realized that the 'take' wasn't going to change, in fact, it'd go up because of the extra exchanges. The horse track in Houston woulda folded up years ago without this (and those concerts.)

They also allowed lotteries, which is a whole other subject.

The argument about funds is absurd, and won't win any supporters at this point. Too many others have screwed it up for ya. In Texas the General Fund is where the money goes. And yet, you still hear about teachers not making much money, schools that aren't doing this or that in maintenance or many other failings... so where did this money not come from *now*? The General Fund is NOT schools only... it's for Texas' use wherever it needs it. I firmly believe that this "Lottery for Schools!" idea is a crock. Unless the money is *specifically written into the law* that any and all Lottery/gambling proceeds go directly to schools would it make any sense, but there's not enough legislators that'll do that... we need to buy a fancy building for their pet projects.

But even still, it's extra money, right? That can't be a bad deal, can it? Doesn't matter, Texas is *still* not going to allow a casino to be built here, not even for the Native Americans who have tried to get it done. Not. Gonna. Happen.

The why of it, so far as I have seen, is two fold: Casinos are and affront to a lot religious people (whatever that argument is, I am only reporting) but the bigger reason, IMO, is it engenders bad things. People putting themselves, and worse, their families in bankruptcy. Those in debt would turn to a life of robbing to pay for their addiction/troubles. Whether it's straight up jacking a convenience store, or white collar skimming off the top, it's still robbing from someone to pay for your inability to stop and/or control yourself. Or maybe selling your body, selling drugs, pawning yourself into homelessness... all the bad things you can think of, that's the problem.

In any event, the mighty big state of Texas doesn't want any more than it's got in the terms of gambling. They're more than happy to let their constituents to go Louisiana and gamble, let them fly to Vegas and spend spend spend. It apparently doesn't matter that the money is also going out of state. Guess we have enough? *shrugs*

Still, there are many reasons you *don't* want gambling in Alabama. The latter ones are the big deal though, you can bet on that.

/yes, pun intended. I'm sorry, I'll go sit in the corner.
//oh, I voted no, because, really, it's not all that great. Go do work instead, it's better for ya.

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My state was first.
We have had a lottery since I was actually young.
We also have one of the best economies in the country.
Unemployment is @4.1%
It hasn't hurt us at all.
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I don't give a ****.
TMS Staff
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The city I live in is not huge by any means. population of approx. 85,000. We didn't have a casino until a few years back. There was a big debate regarding whether or not one should be opened. After opening the effects didn't take long to be noticed. We had more robberies, break ins, homeless, etc etc etc. I know a guy that lost his house, business and ruined his marriage because he became addicted to gambling. As much as people think a Casino is a great idea, last time I checked they were in the business to make money, not lose it.
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I'm surprised we don't have a lottery since Nick Saban brought up the fact that it helps Alabama Football. If you can give a great Alabama HS football player a lottery scholarship, it leaves an extra scholarship for a great out-of-state player.
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Alabama does not need a lottery, the controllers of the state's funds need to quit wasting it. Alabama needs to stop luring foreign companies to the state by giving them huge tax breaks. All states should stop allowing foreign entities from buying into our country. When these entities have, made all the money they can, and pull out and go home, where will that leave us? kennyg
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I vote a big YES on lottery and any other form of gambling. It creates jobs, it provides entertainment, and it generates state income. I don't believe the bad outweighs the good.

On the subject of tax breaks for foreign tax breaks, no American jobs. Seems easy enough to understand.
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i have opinions on the subject ... but i will keep them to myself.. just fuel a fire ..
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I really think a lottery would be benificial to Alabamas economy. As Mberglo said, it would also generate jobs and other things as well as state income
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don't see the lottery as a good or bad thing, it's just a thing.
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I come from NY, where it was A-Dollar and a Dream my whole life. If it benefits the state (especially the schools) and gives the regular joe an opportunity to become rich overnight, I have no issues with it... Then again, I don't see what the big deal is with being able to buy alcohol on sundays...
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Thats the whole religious issue, but I think thats dumb because even if we are in the Bible Belt, theres more than just Christianity in the area. And also, didnt Jesus turn water into wine apparantly?
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Originally Posted by usmcrebel View Post
don't see the lottery as a good or bad thing, it's just a thing.
I agree with you.
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Whether you are "fer it or agin it" - KennyG is right... (long)

Originally Posted by kennyg View Post
Alabama does not need a lottery, the controllers of the state's funds need to quit wasting it.
Whether you are "fer it or agin it" - KennyG is right...
the state governmetn is very inefficient and poor stewards with the state funds that are already available.

and BTW - the poll on this thread doesn't mean anything - Alabama has already legalized gambling, but it is only conducted by the Alabama Indians. You can do slots, bet on live racing, etc.

The issue of the lottery is not as simple as everyone wants to believe - the reason the Governor says he doesn't want a lottery is because he doesn't have the support he needs to pass a referendum needed to implement a lottery - even an educational lottery. He is a politician, and understands which battles he can win. Remember Gov. Siegelman ran on the preface that he would have an education lottery, but couldn't pass one - he mistakenly interpreted the anti Fob James votes into pro-lottery votes, and it failed by a sizeable margin.

Alabama missed a big-time opportunity to generate big $$$ from a lottery by not getting it in place before all the other bordered states had one. In 1999 when the referendum failed (2nd time I think) the big push was not only religious organizations, but also lobbyists from Mississippi and probably Georgia (and other states). Why? Well you obviously have the religious and moral arguments, but Alabama would also be taking $$$ away from them. Tennessee has doled out in excess of $200 million each year the last few years for college scholarships from their lottery. The amount of money that the state of Alabama offers students for school ($0) is an embarrassment, especially when you consider that Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida students with good grades can go to a state-sponsored school free or for a very small cost.

Those same states show very little tolerance for any help on admission or assistance to someone from Alabama, and I expect one of the reasons is that Alabama does nothing to help their own (and all of the in-state students are filling up the schools since they can afford education thanks to a Hope Scholarship).

Another thing - Tennessee set up the TELC to run their system (Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation) to administer and run the lottery - the last I heard, Alabama was not willing to relinquish the administration of the lottery to another entity so that the money would be guaranteed for education - I think if this would happen, you may have a shot at passing something in Alabama, otherwise everyone thinks the $$$$ will go into the rainy day fund and be used for anything that comes along.

A few lottery facts - (from the Tennessee lottery)
Nationwide, and presumably in Tennessee, the heaviest lottery players (top 20 percent) are nearly twice as likely to lack a high school diploma and have a household income below $10,000 as the population as whole. <SUP></SUP>Recipients from families with an annual income over $72,000 make up 47% of the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships awarded.

In Tennessee, the basic award (for a 4-year college) is $4K per year - if you have good grades and ACT scores you can get various supplements for about another $4 - $5K

Out of the facts now, but a couple of observations - since I grew up in Tennessee, I know several people who have college-age children who (because of the Hope Scholarship) were awarded more than their cost of tuition and fees at a state school, so they got $$$ they could use for books, housing, etc. - what a sweet deal.

What is really sickening is that Tennessee has no state income tax (you also get cars tags and registration for $25), but they seem to be efficient in their administration of funds. Alabama sales tax, gas tax, etc. is just as high as Tennessee, plus you get to pay income tax, an auto value tax, etc.
Anyway - my $.02
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