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1453rwhp anyone?

Old 6/8/07, 03:49 PM
Needs to be more Astony
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1453rwhp anyone?

remember that TT Ford GT. crazy.

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Old 6/8/07, 04:00 PM
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Old 6/8/07, 04:24 PM
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wow......I liike the curve.

hmmm....I feel I need 300 more hp....let go another 1,000rpm!
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Old 6/9/07, 12:35 AM
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Old 6/11/07, 05:29 PM
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Old 6/11/07, 08:04 PM
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Joe's car is just FLAT OUT SICK!!!!
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Old 7/15/07, 10:12 AM
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...torque is king....

Over a half-ton of it....gotta watch tire company stock whenever Joe firewalls the throttle.....
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Old 7/15/07, 05:08 PM
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thats cool and all but i dont think i would drive it...i know i cant handle it..but it would be awesome to tell any/everyone your car is faster and if they say no then pull out the dyno sheet!
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Old 7/15/07, 06:15 PM
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Great, you just made me waste of hour of my life looking at videos and info on this beast.

Wow, what an amazing car.
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Old 7/18/07, 06:32 PM
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Concider it time well wasted
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Old 3/14/08, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by 05fordgt View Post
Joe's car is just FLAT OUT SICK!!!!
All hail tha badass!
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Old 3/15/08, 03:19 PM
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That car is just plain sinister!

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Old 3/15/08, 10:00 PM
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sickening... just plain sickening.
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Old 3/15/08, 10:30 PM
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That little dip at 4600 would tick me off (insane)!
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Old 3/19/08, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by cntchds View Post
Yeah that pretty much does says it...doesn't it...
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Old 3/19/08, 01:20 PM
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yeah it does! jeez
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Old 5/4/08, 08:48 PM
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Old 6/11/08, 09:55 AM
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its good to see gold old american pride and craftsmanship (bythe way I'm) The majority of the kids in my AST class like exotics but only if they're european. Now I like american cars (mostly FORD) but I try to be open to everything. The GT is amazing car stock but they cant see this because its they think its useless. Anyway this just proves that this car is the one of the best performance car platforms to modify maybe this will show them.
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Old 6/11/08, 01:01 PM
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Joe snapped his crank in half soon after that dyno trying to spray it more. He's on a built motor from Boss330 now.
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