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Coyote is NOT the best sounding V8 around

Old 4/23/15, 11:38 AM
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Coyote is NOT the best sounding V8 around

Does anyone else agree? Don't get me wrong, at high RPM or other high-throttle conditions, it sounds great...but there's something about the exhaust note that just isn't quite right.

Most attribute this to the firing order shared with the original Ford Flathead V8...but could it be something else?

The 4.6L motors (especially the 2v and 4v versions) are MUCH better sounding engines, IMO.

FWIW, I drove mine stock for quite a while, with just GT500 mufflers for quite a while, now with Boss quad pipes (without restrictors)...always good but not great sounding.
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Old 4/23/15, 11:43 AM
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To be honest your asking a very opinionated question.

I think it also depends on exhaust setups as well. I don't really get to hear the full sound of my car because im always driving it, when others do take it for a sping i revel in the chance to get to hear it and it sounds great.

But i'll say this my buddies 01 cobra sounds just oh so much better. Is it due to the engine? exhaust? i dunno. But i wouldn't say its the BEST sounding.

Also where was it said that it was the best sounding? Cause im sure some of the v8 exotics or higher end cars have a better exhaust note.
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The 4.6L 4V was a very nice sounding motor. However, my favorite V8 sound belongs to the Ferrari F40.
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Mike, opinionated question indeed.

The 4.6's do sound great however. I still attribute my ownership of a mustang to a stranger (who I will never know) who drove a black 05-09, lowered, and with a sinister sounding exhaust. I saw that car 4 years ago, and will never forget it. After I heard (and saw) that car, I knew I just HAD to have one. And now, well, here we are.

As for our Coyotes, Mike, maybe it's just because you haven't heard a Corsa exhaust on a Coyote, paired with an Xpipe, intake, and a blower? Because I'd argue that mine is the best sounding

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my buddy hasn't pulled his 91 GT out of storage yet. He knows that his car will get spanked by my V6 and likely many others. he doesn't care, its all about how it sounds which is cool. He just loves the sound of his car. I haven't heard it yet this summer but it does sound pretty nice!
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Old 4/23/15, 01:41 PM
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I owned a '10 and now a '14 so I have had both a 4.6 and a 5.0 and I never noticed a difference in sound.
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Originally Posted by SouthernStang79 View Post
I owned a '10 and now a '14 so I have had both a 4.6 and a 5.0 and I never noticed a difference in sound.
i have a 4.6l 2valve 2001 Bullit - i LOVE the way it sounds compared to my 5.0.

However I still plan a coyote swap for the bullitt lol
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I have to agree that its not the best sounding and I'm still searching for a better sound. At WOT it sounds great, but idle to 3k rpms its just bland. In running or pipe with GT500 muffs. My last car was a 6.0l G8 with a full kooks exhaust and I loved the way it sounded throughout the while rpm band.
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This is nothing new really, we always talk about this and its true.

The best sounding ford v8 is the 4v 4.6 found in the terminator.

Opinion of course, but too many will agree.

The coyote has too much technology inside it have that rawness and deep, low rumble. is offline  
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I've discussed this before and opinions do vary but to me it's not even close. The 4.6 just simply sounds better. I had a 2001 GT with an offroad h and flowmaster 44s. That thing was just pure v8 bliss to my ears. I used to have a video saved from YouTube of a 2000 model or something GT revving in the dead of the night with a Bannani X pipe and mufflers. I don't enjoy the raspyness of the Coyote as much in the higher RPMs. I'll see if I can find the video
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Sorry sounding engines on the planet are the SB and BB Chev. No arguments guys...Ford loses this battle! All subject to my opinion of course..but I still win!

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It's not about the sound that comes out of the back of the car. It's about the sounds of giddy glee the driver makes from the inside of the car.
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My 3v 4.6 sounded better than both the Coyotes I've owned.
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You are all wrong.

And I'm sorry to say the best sounding engines are a Honda VFR800 Interceptor's with a Deklevic Carbon Fiber Slip On Exhaust.


Dude. Tell me that's not impressive soundin'.
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Originally Posted by houtex View Post
I'm sorry to say the best sounding engines are a Honda VFR800 Interceptor's with a Deklevic Carbon Fiber Slip On Exhaust.

Really? I sound like that an hour after eating a sausage, peppers, and egg sandwich.
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Useless thread.
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Agree. Maserati V8 wins!
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I have to disagree somewhat and I guess opinions can be based off what exhaust you have heard on the 5.0 or the 4.6 3v. I went through many exhausts on my 4.6 3v to achieve "the sound". My 4.6 ended up with a full exhaust which included mac longtubes, catted prochamber and the pypes mid muffler system and it sounded great! My 5.0 is all stock except for the roush exhaust and I think my 5.0 sounds better! When starting my 5.0 and taking off when the engine isn't completely warm it almost sounds like a nascar from inside , wicked exhaust note. It puts a huge smile on my face when going through the gears! I'll take the sound of my 5.0 over my 4.6 any day. Also the sound from inside the 5.0 seems to resonate more than the 4.6. I do agree with the 2v being as the 2v is my all time favorite sounding mustang.

Edit- an 03-04 cobra with bassani catted x and borla S is hard to beat too

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My 2001 Firebird with LS1 5.7L V8 does sound better than my 2013 Mustang 5.0 V8, but the Mustang has more power.
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My old '01 Cobra had the best exhaust note I've ever heard, followed closely by my old Lincoln Mark VIII with Magnaflows. I love the sound of the N/A 4.6L 4v. The Boss is not even in contention in this contest. While it sounds great under acceleration and at idle with the Trackey lopey idle, it really doesn't compare to the old 4.6L 4v. Also, I find the side pipes undesirable on long highway drives. After a certain point, it starts to sound like you are driving down the highway with an exhaust leak (which basically, you are).
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