An Inside Look at the Cobra Jet Build Process: Video Inside

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With the return of the Ford Racing Cobra Jet program a few years ago, thanks to the hard work and dedication of folks like Jesse Kershaw at Ford Racing, Blue Oval fans have had something to be proud of — something to get behind.

Sure, few of us will ever be lucky enough to afford one of these factory-built racers, but knowing our road-going Mustangs share the same lineage is enough to put a smile on our faces every time a Cobra Jet launches wheels-up.

But I digress. While poking around for interesting content to share, I stumbled into this awesome video that follows the step-by-step build process of a Cobra Jet from a shell to a complete car. Enjoy the rare look at the boutique assembly line run by a small group of dedicated gearheads just like you and me.

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