1998 Mustang Cobra Battles Camaro Z28 SS: Throwback

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Check out this MotorWeek Retro Review featuring the 1998 Mustang Cobra and Camaro Z28 SS in all their late-’90s glory.

We love a MotorWeek Retro review, and this 1998 Mustang Cobra Vs Camaro Z28 SS episode is pure gold. Predictably, ’90’s Motorweek called it a draw. However, with the benefit of historical hindsight, we know that’s not quite the case.

Motorweek praised the Camaro’s more cutting-edge looks and its better handling on the track. While cutting edge looks can be great for initial sales, they can age a car quickly. In this case, the New Edge design for the Mustang has aged very gracefully.

Under the skin, the Mustang Cobra had the two vital ingredients for a pony car at the turn of the century. It was faster in the quarter mile than the Camaro Z28 SS and, in ’90’s car review parlance, had better road manners. It was also on the Fox platform, one of the most enduring and adaptable platforms produced yet.

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