Mustang Timeline: 2000

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Mustang went unchanged in 2000, aside from the removal of the 35th Anniversary fender badges. The V-6 and GT were indiscernible from the outside, except for the dual exhaust cutouts in the bumper of the GT.

2000 would be the last year that 16" wheels came standard on GT. The GTs with 16s were speed governed at 110 mph.

Ford released 3,091 Spring Feature Mustangs for the 2000 model year. The package was offered in Performance Red, Black, Silver, White, and Zinc Yellow, which appeared only on the Spring Feature cars in 2000 and returned in 2001. The package was available only on GTs and included the following features:

  • Special 17" X 8" bright machined 5-spoke wheels and performance tires

  • 35th Anniversary body-color hood scoop

  • 35th Anniversary body-color side scoops

  • Twin black stickers on each side of hood scoop with color-keyed GT lettering

  • Black "MUSTANG" bumper inserts

No 2000 Cobras were produced because of the problems with the 1999 models, but SVT unveiled the 2000 SVT Cobra R. Rs were only available in red. They had no heater, air conditioner, rear seat, or sound deadening material. What it did have were a new front valence, side exhaust, racing seats, a 5.4L V-8 pushing 385-hp, and exclusivity--only 300 were made.

Saleen continued to provide high-performance Mustangs with its S-281 and supercharged S-281 SC, which started at $38,000.

3.8L OHV 12-valve V-6 193 hp Standard
4.6L SOHC 16-valve V-8 260 hp GT
5.4L DOHC 32-valve V-8 385 hp Cobra-R

Convertible, standard $21,370
Convertible, GT $25,270
Coupe, standard $16,520
Coupe, GT $21,015
SVT Cobra R $54,995

Convertible, standard 41,368
Convertible, GT 20,224
Coupe, standard 121,026
Coupe, GT 32,321
SVT Cobra R 300
Total 215,693

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Tropic Green 13,262
Atlantic Blue 11,873
Black 39,791
Bright Atlantic Blue 4,979
Crystal White 32,606
Electric Green 5,206
Laser Red 33,804
Performance Red 17,764
Silver 37,617
Sunburst Gold 5,171
Zinc Yellow 917 (Spring Feature cars only)

Vehicle Identification Numbers
1FA Ford Motor Co.
L Restraint System (L-air bags and active belts)
P Passenger Car
45 Body code for convertible GT (40-coupe, 42-coupe GT, 44-convertible)
W Engine code (4-Standard, X-GT, H-Cobra R)
6 Check digit which varies
Y Model year (Y-2000)
F Assembly plant (F-Dearborn)
000001 Consecutive unit number
Example: 1FALP45WGYF000001

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1993, 1995, and
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