SN95 Cobra With The Heart Of A Coyote: New 5.0 Swap From

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Ford hit a grand slam with the Coyote motor and now thanks to the different Ford Racing Performance Parts Coyote, Aluminator and Road Runner crate motors and control packs, it’s easier than ever to swap the newest of Blue Oval motors in your older Ford. In this case, the Ford gurus at have taken a former Bondurant Performance Driving School car and injected it with new life. The ’97  Cobra had already been through two modular motors and when the second finally bit the dust, the Latemodel crew decided that the new Coyote swap kits were perfect for the task since they have a high rev ceiling, great power production and the fact they respond extremely well to mods.

In addition to swap specific K-members, steering racks and headers, different companies are now creating parts for various starter and accessory options. It’s already easy to swap a new 5.0 and it’s only going to get easier as the aftermarket really gets behind it.

Have a look at Part I of the Coyote swap project:

And here’s the vid:

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