Saleen Unveils 30-Year Commemorative Championship Mustang

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Limited-edition Saleen model comes equipped with 730-horsepower supercharged engine.

Always looking to up the ante when it comes to Mustangs, Saleen has unleashed yet another hot spin on the Ford pony car.

This latest edition comes in the form of a pair of 730-horsepower commemorative editions paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of Saleen’s championship run in the driver, manufacturer, team, and tire SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championships.

The two commemorative editions GTs include a track model and a road model, both based on the latest sixth generation Mustang GT. Of course, they’ll both include a few special touches you can only get from Saleen.

In addition to that huge power boost that comes courtesy of 3.2-liter liquid-cooled supercharger, the special track edition Mustang, developed in partnership with General Tire, also comes with a four-point roll cage, four-point harness, and an upgraded radiator. Saleen also axed the rear seat in the track model to lighten the load for better performance on the raceway.

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Both the road and track models come equipped with a special exhaust system. Additional features include a special yellow, black, and white paint scheme, a Racecraft suspension system, and General Tire’s G-MAX RS performance tires.

Price? $87,000 for the street model, according to AutoBlog, and presumably more for the track monster. But you still have a few months to get your finances in order; if you’re considering picking one of these up, the special edition Mustang isn’t expected to go into production until September.

Then again, with only 30 units planned for production, you might want to start scrambling to get your cash together ASAP.

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