Ready for Your Close Up? /BIG MUSCLE is Looking for a Fox Body

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Fox Body Mustang
Over the past 3 seasons of /BIG MUSCLE we’ve been getting inundated with emails requesting a Fox body Mustang.

This is the car that, for many of us, was the gateway drug into hot-rodding. In fact, there are just as many of these cars in high-school parking lots today as there were 25 years ago. That being said, /BIG MUSCLE is looking for a feature car to showcase on Youtube’s /DRIVE Network. We’re looking for either a completely stock vehicle or a VERY well done modified car located in either the San Francisco Bay Area or in and around Los Angeles. All submissions must be street legal. If chosen you need to be prepared for a long day of shooting and one kick-ass video of you and your ride that will be seen by millions of people on this great planet that we call Earth. That’s nice right?

Send your submissions and questions to [email protected]. Be sure to include: Your name, Year/Make/Model, a list of modifications, a BUNCH of well done photos and of course, your contact info. If we dig the car and we think it’s a possibility we’ll shoot you a call. If not, rest assured that we’re not dismissing your ride in as much as we’re just filing it away to possibly be used in a later season.

So, email us and let’s see what you’ve got!

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