Personal Campaign to Find Original Mustang Owners Gains Momentum

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Own a 1964 ½ – 1973 model Ford Mustang?

Well, Kathy Miller wants to hear about it.

The Ohioan is on a mission to register as many original owners of first generation Ford Mustangs as she can as part of 50th Anniversary celebrations being planned for the car April 15 – 20, in Las Vegas and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Miller, who is the original owner of a Prairie Bronze Mustang, started the effort as a mission to track down owners of the 1964 ½ Mustangs. But the project has since grown to include models through 1973 as well, as reported by

Since she first started the project in 2009, Miller has located 21 of the original 1964 ½ Mustangs.

A web page for the campaign set up by Miller enables other original owners of the cars to register their vehicles to be included in the group.  The site also has a place where “legacy owners” or individuals who’ve had original models in their families since new can register their vehicles.

There’s also a “Wish I’d Kept It” section for former first-gen owners just in case you’re willing to share a story of how you let one of the treasures slip away, which you’re likely kicking yourself for now.

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