Don’t convert it into something that it’s not.

  Nobody thinks a Lotus meets Cadillac meets Mustang is ever cool. Ever. The body and chassis is still a Mustang. It’s good to be different, yes, but tastefully different is even better. Just sayin’. Just don’t donk. Just… Don’t. >>

  Comments | By - June 25, 2008

Just Don’t DONK.

It’s re-donk-ulous! All of the ruined Caprices, Grand Marquis, and Town Cars are enough, ya think? No need to bring our American Icon into things. Yes, it has enough power to push those huge and heavy wheels, but that doesn’t mean that it wants to. If it could tuck its tail in shame, it would.

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Don’t use your Mustang as a boat.

    As we’ve seen time and time again, Mustangs usually sink. Next time ask to borrow your neighbor’s pontoon before you decide to go for a two second joy ride on the water. On second thought, don’t borrow your neighbor’s boat. The stupidity of driving your car into a lake might break that whole […] More »

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