New Mustang Shows More Attitude in Black

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There’s no question that when it comes to some of the most menacing Mustangs on the road, one of the most common denominators is the color black.

In fact, it’s a trait shared by some of the most menacing models of a lot of cars especially once you start adding on those extras custom elements like tinted windows. Of course, that’s not to say that the red model being heavily showcased with the new Ford Mustang isn’t eye-catching. It too has some great street appeal.

Still, nothing draws the same kind of attention as a blacked-out Mustang. And while we all knew the 2015 Mustang would be offered in black, a new rendering showcased on a Mustang6G forum is bound to get fans a lot more excited about opting for the color when ordering the new pony car.

The rendering not only uniquely accentuates the distinctive design elements of the 2015 Mustang. But it also continues to prove that among all the colors the Mustang comes in, nothing quite says “stay out of my way” like one all decked out in black.

via:  Auto Evolution

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