‘Need for Speed’ Mustang revs up for Barrett-Jackson

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Need for Speed Mustang

It appears the 2014 Ford Mustang featured in the upcoming “Need for Speed” movie will be rolling straight from the movie set to the auction block.

Ford has announced that it will be putting the Shelby GT500 up for grabs at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach with proceeds going to the Henry Ford Health System, a not-for-profit health group founded by Henry Ford.

While some of the specs on the hero car are a bit unclear, it still holds a significant amount of value considering that it’s the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang.  Tack on the fact that it’s likely one of the last gen Shelby models to be produced in partnership with Ford and the bidding should get even more interesting.

The “Need for Speed” Mustang, one of several similar models produced for the film, also culminates the pony car’s more than 3,200 film and television appearances over the past five decades.

“Mustang was cast in a leading role of the movie with screen time equal to many of the actors,” said Steve Ling, North America car marketing manager for Ford, in an official company press release. “Director Scott Waugh challenged our team to give this central character enough personality and American masculinity to take on some of the world’s most exotic cars, just like in the popular Electronic Arts video game that inspired the movie.

“The new owner of this particular Mustang will take home a rare vehicle, and their bid will increase access to critical health care services.”

No predictions yet on how much the “Need for Speed” Mustang will probably fetch at Barrett-Jackson, but it certainly should be interesting to watch.

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