Mustang GT 4.8-Liter Engine Rumors Questioned

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5.0-Liter GT Mustang

A 4.8-Liter GT? Come on, the Iconic 5.0 Should Be Preserved at All Cost

Rumors that Ford is considering changing the Mustang GT’s engine to a 4.8-liter for better fuel efficiency are apparently just that, rumors.

What, hadn’t heard the news? Apparently the rumor started after Reuters reported that the Ford Essex plant in Ontario will soon begin production of a new 4.8-liter V8 for the F-150. The popular truck currently offers a 5.0-liter similar to the Mustang’s.

Ford Authority, an outside news source that covers Ford, quickly jumped on the rumors. They expected Ford to make an announcement about a new 4.8-liter Mustang engine at the Detroit auto show. They also reported that the 4.8-liter V8 engine would feature both direct and port-fuel injection. That would help enhance fuel efficiency and horsepower by running a higher compression ratio, without resorting to turbo or supercharging.

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However, soon after reporting the news, Road & Track said they received insight from an inside Ford source. That source seriously doubts that Ford will change the Mustang’s V8 to a 4.8-liter engine.

One thing’s for certain, the idea would certainly call for one helluva marketing strategy, in order to make it stick in the minds of consumers.

The 5.0-liter engine, which debuted in 1979, has become an important part of the Mustang’s branding. And the thought that Ford would even consider killing the engine has to have its marketing team frantically scratching their heads. As enticing as a more-fuel-efficient Mustang GT sounds, the idea of being called the “4.8” doesn’t seem to be worth getting a few more miles per gallon.

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