Coyote Mustang GT Still Howling After 100,000 Miles

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There are certainly exceptions, but if you take good care of your cars and pay them the attention they deserve, there’s no reason they shouldn’t keep running up to and through the 100,000 mark. And as this post from The Mustang Source member Dean Martin proves, that includes fifth-generation Ford Mustang GTs.

According to Martin, he bought his Candy Red 2012 GT with the Coyote engine when he swapped out his 2005 Legend Lime S197 V6, which he ran up to more than 200,000 miles. When he bought the GT, it had 16,000 miles, and it recently rolled over 100,000. Martin says he hasn’t babied the car either, but has kept up with the regular, routine maintenance, and that’s served him well.

The add-ons he’s put on the car are a clear bra, a Steeda shifter and shift bracket, a JLT passenger side oil separator, TSW wheels, Koni shocks, a BMR rear stabilizer bar with poly bushings, a VIS carbon fiber hood, GT500 rear spoiler, and a Boss strut brace. So, nothing directly engine related, or other major parts.


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Via [Dean Martin]

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