Twin-turbo New Edge Mustang is Insanely Fast & Loud

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Twin turbo setup, a big block, and some fat drag radials are the recipe for this brutally-fast Mustang.

Even though it’s been almost a decade and a half since the New Edge Mustang ended production, it’s still a stout platform for fast street cars and racers alike. This twin turbo racer, built by BB & T Racing, proves that beyond any reasonable doubt.

The Sonic Blue doorslammer, dubbed the “Killa Gorilla Ape,” is one serious piece of machinery. Lining up against what appears to be a pro mod ’69 Camaro, the Mustang shows no fear, taking off like a rocket ship with almost zero wheel spin despite zero track prep.

Killa Gorilla Twin Turbo Mustang

The whine of the twin turbo setup drowns out all racetrack noise as the Mustang cooks down the quarter mile. The Mustang shimmies just a bit on a few early runs before settling in and making the best of the slimy, unprepared track surface.

BB & T Racing, out of Southaven, Mississippi, is no stranger to fast Mustangs, having built quite a few. In fact, it’s their specialty. The driver of the Killa Gorilla, Dennis Bailey, is also quite familiar with the breed himself.

In fact, you might know him as the guy who went flying in a red New Edge about eight years ago. That car was destroyed, but Bailey thankfully walked away with just a shoulder injury.

Killa Gorilla Twin Turbo Mustang

The replacement car you see here was built to dominate on 29″ x 10.5″ radials. That might explain some of the squirrely behavior we saw from the car in the video. It’s clear that Bailey is an expert driver for being able to keep this machine on the straight and narrow.

The engine is one serious piece of engineering, but this is where we’re likely to break a few hearts. It’s a 565 cubic-inch big block Chevy being fed by those massive turbos. Regardless, we’re always happy to see a fast Mustang doing work on the dragstrip.

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