Getting Personal: Mustang Customization Over the Years

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It seems that Ford might have started campaigning for that 2013 SEMA “Hottest Car” award back in the sixties when the company first began marketing the Mustang.

Sure, today’s promo strategies for the car might take on a more high-tech feel with elements like an interactive website that lets you actually see your custom Mustang come to life. Ever since the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line, Ford has been touting tags of personalization in their ads for the pony car.

Some of the first included “The Car Designed to Be Designed By You” and “Three new ways to answer the call of the Mustang” promoting the ’67 line-up including the base model, the convertible and the Fastback.

Not that the first Mustangs actually needed a heavy hitting marketing campaign.  The first day it was on the market more than 22,000 orders were taken for the car.  The Mustang went on to sale a whopping 400,000 units in its first year.

Over the years, the range of ads for the Mustang aimed at promoting the lifestyle appeal of the car, have focused on everything from its glamour as a roadster to its roar as a high-performance car.

Who knows what taglines Ford is working on for the 2015 Mustang. They’ll likely have more global appeal based on everything else we’ve heard about the car.

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