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Conversation Between TacoBill and ricksGT/CS
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  1. ricksGT/CS
    1/2/10 03:15 PM - permalink
    thanks for the info you have posted ,,it was very helpful in my install of my Ford Racing springs and shocks,,WOW,,did it drop,,I like the new look of my ride I will post some new pictures later ,,but I think I still might need to take it in to a wheel shop to get everything checked out,I put everything back to the way it was ,but the top of the front wheels look alittle to the inside ,pulled in alittle at the top..not bad ,,but I can see it,, I drove it can't tell ,,but its there ,you know,thanks again ,respectfully Richard Switzer ( RicksGT/CS )
  2. ricksGT/CS
    12/26/09 05:21 PM - permalink
    also very nice ride you have ,did your son do all the work,lol,just kidding ,,it must be great to have him helping you bulid such a monster ride,
  3. ricksGT/CS
    12/26/09 05:17 PM - permalink
    thanks for the reply,have a great day,and should I change the sway bars also at this time ,will it make a difference with the stock sway bars with lowered springs front and back,
  4. 12/26/09 09:01 AM - permalink
    Hi Richard! The strut mounts should already come greased. I've seen strut mounts straight out of the box already greased and ready to install. Hope this helps.
  5. ricksGT/CS
    12/25/09 09:31 PM - permalink
    hello ,I have a question you maybe able to help me with ,I'm lowering my 2007 GT/CS ,I bought the Ford Racing springs ,struts .shocks and front strut mounts,my question is,,,will I have to have the NEW SVT Ford Racing Strut mounts greased before install or are they allready greased from the factory,I see in your install post you had them ( strut mounts ) apart ???,,I'm going to pay someone to have them ( the front stunts ,springs and strut mounts )put together before I remove the stock ones,DO I NEED to have the SVT strut mounts greased or not ,the part number for the SVT strut mounts are #M-18183-A,,strings I going to be using are #M-5300-K,thanks for any more info about this matter ,respectfully Richard Switzer,,Biloxi ,Mississippi.

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